Letters of Support

"After many public meetings and presentations to businesses and residents, I believe the ART team has made every effort to address the needs of the entire community while balancing the safety and transportation needs of a growing city."

"Can’t wait! Really excited about this project and am looking forward to a stop at 15th St. I think it would really benefit the new business along there.”

It is an article of faith with me that there is no such thing as a bad mass transit project… Central Avenue, as a road, is not in great shape. It will need to be completely torn up and replaced in the very near future... Why not get some added value for the disruption - a transit system - if you’re going to have a massive disruption anyway? The project is not so much for today but for the future, for economic development, for making Albuquerque a more attractive destination.

David Nava

I have worked at Presbyterian on Central and the ART is so perfectly aligned with this huge medical center with over 3000 employees, which will provide the opportunity to get to and from work, go out to lunch and with buses running on time every 7 minutes even do some errands and or shopping on our lunch break or before and after our shifts. ART will inhance our transportation options and improve our quality of life!

Steven Watson , RN , Presbyterian Medical Center

I LOVE this idea! A perfect fit for Albuquerque! I am extremely impressed that it will be Gold rated. Don't settle for anything less!!

Nick Schillaci-Kayton

I have been a business owner for years and am fully aware of the challenges of construction near your entrance. I also understand however that millions of dollars worth of construction means many more potential customers with many more dollars potentially entering your shopping environment. Currently, I am a daily Central Ave. commuter. From 98th to 4th I dodge buses. I truly cannot wait for a comprehensive system to entice me to leave my car, thus having more disposable income to shop.

Larry Lopez

While many people … are raising a fuss about this system, the younger generation like myself is too busy to push back. But I would like to tell you, almost EVERYONE my age is excited for this new system. While we can¹t make it to city hall meetings, or call the news station, or take the time to raise a hubbub about it, WE SUPPORT AND THANK YOU.

Brittney Turnbough

Moving to ABQ in a couple months. Can't wait for this to open!

Nick Schillaci , Future resident

My family, friends and business associates all support this forward thinking brilliant project which will help wean us and generations to come from our gas guzzling autos. [We] baby boomers are living longer and we need a transit system that is safe, efficient and reliable when we are no longer able to drive… We are cheering you all on!

Steven Watson

My family, friends and business associates have been voicing our support for this very forward thinking project! We see this project as a huge jolt of positive energy into the main vein of our city which has been deteriorating for many decades. Not only will this project offer our citizens a reliable, viable, safe and efficient alternative to driving, it is also environmentally friendly and will help boost business and tourism alike. Our city will get a brand new wardrobe so to speak!

Steven A. Watson , RN , Eye Candy Arts

I'm selfishly rooting for ART. Employment opportunities for my wife and I opened up out of state during the housing bust, and we were unable to sell our home and were forced to become landlords. The studies I've read indicate that a project such as this has the real potential to drive private investment into areas within a 1/2 mile of the stations. The status quo is not going to benefit the city economically, so I'm happy to see city leaders attempting to pull ABQ into the 21st century.

Mike Apgar , Housing Market

We specifically chose our Downtown neighborhood for its bikeability and walkability. We would LOVE to access other neighborhoods more easily without relying on cars (Nob Hill, Uptown, etc.), and clean, convenient, consistent public transportation helps bolster that.

Kristina Francisco

We STRONGLY support the ART Project!!

Thomas & Melanie Lewis

If we want to make a good impression on visitors and residents who are less frequent bus riders, we need to invest in improvements to the service along Central. The ART project provides the money for this, with most coming from the federal government. We would be foolish to let this enormous opportunity slip away.

Petra Morris

I am a supporter of the ART project! I have personally witnessed how mass-transit (bus, Light rail, trams) can invigorate a city. Having been a professional planner I understand that some citizens are opposed to any change that may cause some temporary impacts. I would urge these citizens to get on board and to consider the positive effects that these well-studied and thoughtful improvements can have not just for Central Ave. but for all of Albuquerque.

Mike Miller

More transportation lanes and freeways don't always equal less congestion, and reduced lanes don't always cause more traffic back up. As a UNM student I wanted to put my voice of support behind this project and give courage to those who do support it but feel they will be silenced. You have to start somewhere to improve public transportation conditions. I hope that ART makes it safer for UNM students to get up towards other parts of central and help create a more unified community.

Simon Arnet , Owner , Arnet Photography

I think this is one of the most exciting ventures and largest investments in economic and community development this city has made. After the ART is developed it will bring more investment, more tourism, and ultimately more GRT into Albuquerque. I love this city and I can't wait to see it grow in such a positive direction. Go ART!

Jaime Jaramillo , Planner , Consensus Planning, Inc.

Having lived domestically and abroad in cities with robust public transport systems, I can testify to the benefits of having dedicated rapid transport. I live near Central Ave and would take advantage of this option rather than driving (and trying to park) to places like Nob Hill and EDO. In fact, I would likely visit those places more often. As would visitors to our city. Given the amount of federal funding available to make ART a reality, this should be a no-brainer.

Andrea Ambrosini , Resident

Adding the opportunity for people to save money (in conjunction with/or aside from operating a single passenger vehicle) will put more money in the average Albuquerque native's back pocket. It's essential to install this metro infrastructure to entice new money into the area (in competition with regional cities with similar systems) and improve the cultural impact that blossoms from alleviating residents of being "car poor". Tourists aren't infatuated with a city full of car dealerships, folks.

Anthony Valerio , Avid Bus User , Albuquerque resident

I was mostly opposed to the BRT in the beginning and tried to recruit people to oppose it. But now I believe the city has done its best to work out the best possible design for our community…The ART has many supporters in Nob Hill and I believe the current design will be a good change for our community and for Central Ave as a whole.

Susan Michie-Maitlen

Our city needs this and I support this. Citizens and tourists alike will benefit.


I hope Albuquerque community residents will be encouraged to explore and discover their diverse and vibrant city with the implement of the ART. Some see the price of construction and build time as an unrecoverable period for local business owners as was the case with the Lead/Coal construction. With proper attitude and support the community can collaborate to create efficient, progressive, and meaningful development to Metro Albuquerque and the developing Southwest corridor of our country.

J. B. , Constituent , Albuquerque Resident

I love the idea. This will DRIVE Albuquerque into the future.

Nicholas , Awesome Albuquerque citizen

Glad to see some progress being made and a certain focus on the need for effective and efficient rapid transit in ABQ. Hopefully one day we can see dedicated BRT lines like these throughout the city (Lord knows we have enough medians that could function as ART platforms), but it's very smart to start along Central.

Ryan Gomez

As a lifetime resident of Albuquerque I am so excited at the opportunity the BRT/ART system is bringing to Albuquerque Business Community. The next 20 years in ABQ is going to be so exciting.

Sal Gonzales , Historic Nob Hill Resident

Both Nob Hill and Old Town, which anchor the east and west end of our “Innovation Corridor”, are experiencing growth also. We strongly believe ART is the next step to keep our exciting yet somewhat fragile success growing.

Rick Rennie , Historic District Improvement Company

Our business offices are located on the proposed corridor and we believe it would have a positive impact in all areas in which ART will occur.

Chris Baca , President/CEO , yeshousing

ART is timely and it is right – not just for transportation, but for economic development that supports our citizens and their health care needs.

James R. Jeppson , Administrative Director, Real Estate and Constr. , Presbyterian Healthcare Services

ART will be good for Albuquerque, for the region, and for our business.

Joe Farr , Senior Vice President , Rosemont Realty

I applaud the City of Albuquerque in their collaboration with citizens and other local government officials in efforts to revitalize this critical stretch of road that has significant historical and economic ties to the community and to our nation.

Rey Garduno , City Council President

I’ve witnessed with bus rapid transit system in Quito, Ecuador, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, BRT-generated transit-oriented development has the ability to create place where people want to live, work and play. This can only benefit the citizens and business of New Mexico’s largest city.

Ken Hughes

The continued expansion of public transit option through ART provides citizens and visitors better access to work, school, healthcare, shopping, and amenities, and the mobility to help the Albuquerque area realize a future of economic sustainability.

Tom Church , NMDOT Cabinet Secretary

There is no segment of the population that ART won’t benefit.

Kim Hedrick , Chief Operations Officer , Molina Healthcare

Albuquerque’s transit dependent citizens will have a more reliable transportation to work, school, and healthcare.

NM Congressional Delegation

Having a robust transportation system is at the core of any successful pedestrian friendly neighborhood. As a business owner in Nob Hill I cannot be more excited for the possibilities the new Albuquerque Rapid Transit system will bring to our lovely urban neighborhood. Having an expedited transit system along Central Avenue will make this corridor more desirable for people to live, work, and play.

Robert Munro , Managing Member , O’Niell’s Management, LLC

Thank you for the great information on this site. I am on the Board of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association and recently presented this information to the Board, as the head of public transit committee within our DNA Association. The Downtown Neighborhoods, (DNA) is excited an supportive of the project, and particularly wish to thank the design team for including our request to have service in this historic and city center core neighborhood with the station at 15th and Central. Thank you!

Ric Higginbotham , Board Member , Downtown Neighborhoods Association

I appreciate that the system will connect with……Old Town. It is a popular spot for visitors and also richly inhabited so it is good that you are including us in your plans.

Margaret Connealy

"As someone involved in the business and development business in Albuquerque for more than a few decades, I very much have an interest in expanding opportunities for reasonable growth. And everything I know about current development trends suggests adding reliable, convenient transit to a corridor like Central Avenue will do exactly that."