Benefits of the Albuquerque Rapid Transit System

Transit is about connections between the many places you need to go every day – home, work, school, doctor’s appointments, shopping – in a way that makes the day more productive. It make travel time more of what you need: think time, work time, and maybe time to catch up with friends.

For The Individual

• Transit more dependably connects many of the city’s biggest destinations together; Downtown, UNM, CNM, Presbyterian Hospital, Old Town, the BioPark, libraries, shopping and retail centers. ART can be a link between our existing educational institutions (UNM, CNM, APS) and the new Innovation Central -the public/private partnership committed to forging entrepreneurial skills and knowing how to create new technologies (new businesses and new jobs) right here in Albuquerque.
• The ART will offer timelier, more dependable service than what exists today.
• Connections on Central Avenue can provide access to 32 other transit routes that are capable of getting you almost anywhere in the city.
• Today, about 74 million in the US are “Baby Boomers.” National research reports that “boomers” have increasingly less desire for owning their own homes than previous generations and more and more, don’t want to own cars. However, they still need to connect to the people, places and things that matter to them. Boosting Americas Public Transit
• According to the Wall Street Journal, 88% of the millennial generation wants to live in an urban, rather than suburban setting. ART can facilitate that urban accessibility.

For Central Avenue Area Businesses

• Transit can help customers get to local businesses; expanding market area by providing more accessibility.
• Increases the ability for employees to take transit to work, freeing up on-site parking space.
• Provides convenient access for visiting tourists to shops, restaurants and museums.
• The ability to connect new housing to new jobs is critical to economic health.

Employees and Students Along Central Avenue

• Transit provides greater opportunity to get to and from campus or work without paying for parking, potentially saving you money. Check it out with the Metro Savings Calculator.
• Transit provides a way to leave campus to eat or run errands near Central Avenue.
• BRT's often have longer service hours which can provide the opportunity to get to and from campus for night classes.
• ART on Central Avenue can also help you find more time in your schedule; using transportation time as study, reading and thinking time by using free Wi-Fi.
• Central Avenue connects with many other ABQ RIDE routes and regional transit services to make it easier for you to take transit anywhere you need to go.

Our Region

Transit is an alternative to the single-passenger car in dealing with increasing congestion, particularly crossing rivers. Based on projections from the Mid-Region Council of Governments, our regional planning organization; and the UNM Geospatial and Population Studies group, our state’s population forecaster, if we continue our current demographic growth for the next 25 years, the metro area population will grow approximately 50%. This will add approximately 440,000 more people, 180,000 more jobs, and 180,00 more homes. Time spent by commuters in their own cars is expected to increase dramatically as congestion increases and traffic speeds drop.