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7/21/2017 - Weekly Update

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What follows is construction for the week of 7/24/17 as well as available left turns. Please note the following areas have traffic shifts; commuters should allow extra time to get through these areas and plan ahead to minimize frustration.

Parking: Parking is not permitted in areas where milling and paving operations are taking place, and these areas are marked with “no parking” and “tow away zone” signs. Vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense if parked in these zones. Drivers are encouraged to look for “no parking” signs throughout the corridor where construction is taking place. Drivers should park in free parking spots on side streets one block north and south of Central.

Milling and Paving Operations: Milling and paving operations are progressing in various areas along Central Avenue. On-street parking, alternating eastbound and westbound lanes of Central Avenue, and side streets will have limited access and various closures. One lane of Central will remain open in each direction. Crews will be working near traffic, and motorists should use additional caution while traveling in the area. Commuters should expect delays and seek alternate routes where necessary.

Split Phase Signal Timing at Intersections: Various intersections under construction will temporarily have split phase timing in place, which will cause delays. This type of traffic pattern is used primarily to provide safe left turns for traffic. Traffic traveling in one direction is allowed to go straight-through, right, or left while traffic in all other traveling directions waits; this is intentional for the above noted reason.

Navigating The Construction Zones Helpful Hint: The orange and white chevrons on the traffic control devices indicate the driving lane by pointing into the designated travel lane.

Intersection Information:
Girard: The Girard intersection will be closed beginning Monday, July 24th through approximately Monday, July 31st. There will be no through traffic on Girard, right turns only from Girard to Central. Westbound traffic on Monte Vista will still be able to access westbound Central. Eastbound traffic on Central will not be able to access eastbound Monte Vista. Detour to Richmond for Monte Vista.

Morningside: The Morningside intersection will be closed beginning Tuesday, July 25th through approximately Tuesday, August 1st. North and southbound traffic will be allowed to make right turns onto Central only.

Broadway: Beginning Monday, July 24th westbound traffic at the Broadway intersection will be diverted to the south side of Central. Left hand turns onto Broadway will not be allowed. North and southbound will be diverted to the west side of Broadway. Access to Broadway via westbound Gold will be closed, detour via Silver or Lead.

Coors: Intersection and station installation work continue, expect major delays for commuters.

Old Coors & Yucca: Old Coors traffic is able to turn right onto Central eastbound and left for westbound traffic, which will be directed to the new travel lane on Yucca Dr.

Atrisco: Significant delays at this intersection will continue as signals will remain in split phase timing (see description above) for a minimum of two more weeks.

Rio Grande: Intersection work continues, expect delays for commuters. One lane remains open in each direction.

Presbyterian Hospital Area Work: Those needing hospital access are encouraged to reroute to Lead/Coal to minimize construction and traffic related delays.

University: Intersection and station installation work continue, expect major delays for commuters. Commuters are advised to use extreme caution at the University intersection as the designated eastbound travel lane shifts from the south side of the street to the north side. Please see Navigating the Construction Zones Helpful Hint diagram regarding traffic control devices.

Nob Hill/International District Sidewalk Work: Various areas of sidewalk & ADA ramp construction ongoing. Southside of Central between Carlisle and Solano will see significant roadway reconstruction to adjust current elevation to mitigate flooding.

Available Left Turns:
Atrisco Rancho Seco Carlisle
63rd St. 7th St. Morningside
60th St. 6th St. Washington
Estancia Dr. 5th St. Adams
58th St. Oak Jefferson
52nd St. University San Mateo
New York Yale San Pedro
Laguna Stanford Louisiana
Tingley Richmond
San Pasquale Wellesley

61st St. Locust Washington
59th St. Oak Adams
57th St. Spruce Jefferson
New York University Madison
Tingley Yale San Mateo
14th Stanford San Pedro
Laguna Richmond Louisiana
7th Wellesley
6th Carlisle
5th Morningside

All construction is weather permitting and subject to change without notice. Additional information can be found on or by calling 505-398-4ART.

Plan ahead and stay updated each week with new construction updates.

Also included in this week's edition, you will find traffic updates with Google Maps, information on the De Anza's Redevelopment, upcoming ARTBeat Events, the first ART canopy installation and more.

De Anza Motor Lodge Redevelopment
Renderings that show the redesign plans for the De Anza Motor Lodge have been released. The redesign includes a hotel, apartments, retail spaces and a restaurant.
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ARTBeat on the Street at Pita Pit
The upcoming ARTBeat on the Street event will be held at Pita Pit on Thursday, July 27th. There will be live music by Trio Romance from 6–8pm.
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ART Station Update
The first ART canopy has been installed at Coors and Central.
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Girard Intersection Update
The intersection at Girard and Central will be closed beginning on the Monday following Summerfest, July 24th. Central Avenue is always open, and access to businesses will be maintained.
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