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9/22/2017 - Weekly Update

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What follows is construction for the week of 9/25/17. Please note the following areas have traffic shifts; commuters should allow extra time to get through these areas and plan ahead to minimize frustration.

Signal Installation - Traffic disruptions will occur throughout the Central corridor as signals at intersections are installed. Traffic police will direct traffic at these intersections during installation. Commuters are advised to use extreme caution and must follow instructed directions.

Roadway Striping: Roadway permanent striping operations are progressing in various areas along Central Avenue. Various lane closures exist during this operation and delays are to be expected. Motorists are advised to use caution around or near roadway striping operations. Do not drive across wet paint stripes, and do not pass the follow vehicle.

Milling and Paving Operations: Milling and paving operations are progressing in various areas along Central Avenue. On-street parking, alternating eastbound and westbound lanes of Central Avenue, and side streets will have limited access and various closures. One lane of Central will remain open in each direction. Crews will be working near traffic, and motorists should use additional caution while traveling in the area. Commuters should expect delays and seek alternate routes where necessary.

Parking: Parking is not permitted in areas where milling and paving operations are taking place, and these areas are marked with “no parking” and “tow away zone” signs. Vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense if parked in these zones. Drivers are encouraged to look for “no parking” signs throughout the corridor where construction is taking place. Drivers should park in free parking spots on side streets one block north and south of Central.

Split Phase Signal Timing at Intersections: Various intersections under construction will temporarily have split phase timing in place, which will cause delays. This type of traffic pattern is used primarily to provide safe left turns for traffic. Traffic traveling in one direction is allowed to go straight-through, right, or left while traffic in all other traveling directions waits; this is intentional for the above noted reason.

Coors: Intersection and station installation work continue, expect major delays for commuters. One lane remains open in each direction.

Atrisco: Intersection and roadway work continue. Traffic will be split on the south side of Central. Once complete traffic will switch to a split on the north side.

Clayton St. to Rancho Seco Rd.: Closure of right lane on Central for east and westbound. Traffic shift from south side traffic split back to north and south side travel mid-week.

Rio Grande: Final phase of intersection work is scheduled through September. One lane remains open in each direction, expect delays.

1st to Locust Traffic Shift: All westbound traffic will be on the north side, right-hand lane only. All eastbound traffic will be on the south side right-hand lane only. Left hand turns and northbound/southbound traffic will not be allowed at Walter or High.

Broadway: North and southbound traffic is allowed. Left hand turns onto Westbound Central will not be allowed.

University: Median and center lane work continues. Commuters are advised to use extreme caution at the University intersection.

Wellesley: Wellesley will experience intermittent closures for north and southbound traffic, work scheduled through September. Detour to Bryn Mawr or Tulane.

Girard: Work at the Girard intersection continues. Southbound right lane closure. Westbound Monte Vista one lane only, expect delays.

Solano: Solano is closed for north and southbound traffic through September. Detour Hermosa or Aliso. Central remains open in each direction.

Washington: North and southbound closure of Washington St. Northbound traffic may turn east onto Central only. One lane of Central will remain open in each direction.

San Mateo: Various lane closures will exist for signal installation through mid-week.

Monroe St. to Louisiana Blvd.: Various lane closures and traffic shifts will exist for roadway striping and utility adjustments through early October.

Presbyterian Hospital Area Work: Those needing hospital access are encouraged to reroute to Lead/Coal to minimize construction and traffic related delays.

Old Coors & Yucca Realignment: Old Coors traffic is able to turn right onto Central eastbound and left for westbound traffic, which will be directed to the new travel lane on Yucca Dr.

All construction is weather permitting and subject to change without notice. Additional information can be found on or by calling 505-398-4ART.

Plan ahead and stay updated each week with new construction updates.

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