ARTBEAT on the Street

Feel the ARTBeat…Join us at one of our events featuring live performances and visual arts to celebrate and enjoy businesses on Central Avenue!

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4/6/2017, First Turn Lounge

With music by Calle 66 Poster

6 pm - 7 pm, 145 Louisiana NE

4/15/2017, Explore Nob Hill

Aux Dog Theater's Shakespeare 505 performing scenes from Much Ado About Nothing on April 8th & 15th. Shop participating Nob Hill businesses April 7th and 8th to be entered in the raffle drawing on the 15th. 5 winners can win up to $600 in gift cards! Poster

2 pm, Triangle Park, Girard & Central

4/20/2017, Julian's Burgers n' More

With music by Jus/Cuzz Poster

6 pm - 8 pm, 5500 Central Ave. SW

4/27/2017, Baskin Robbins

With music by The Real Matt Jones Band Poster

6 pm - 8 pm, 2201 Central Ave. NW

5/11/2017, Albuquerque Ink Tattoo

With music by Martial Law Band Poster

6 pm - 7 pm, 4815 Central Ave. NE

5/18/2017, A Taste of the Caribbean

With music by the Racine Kreyol Band Poster

6 pm - 7 pm, 2720 Central Ave. SE

6/9/2017, Garcia's Kitchen

With music by Underground Cadence with D'Santi Nava Poster

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, 1736 Central Ave SW

7/13/2017, Old Town Pizza Parlor

With music by the Hip Pocket Band Poster

6 pm - 8 pm, 108 Rio Grande Blvd NW

7/20/2017, The Artichoke Cafe

With music by Global Acoustic Orchestra Global Jazz Poster

6 pm - 8 pm, 424 Central Ave. SE

7/27/2017, Pita Pit

With music by Trio Romance Poster

6 pm - 8 pm, 2106 Central Ave SE

8/3/2017, Standard Diner

With music by DCN Project Band Poster

12 noon - 2pm, 320 Central Ave. SE